Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Would you like a cup of tea ....Now Available on ebay :) :)

 Now the silk blythe doll dress sets are available on ebay too :)

Lavender memories blythe doll dress set        ebay number 263349348405

Wedgwood Chocolate blythe doll dress set    ebay number 263349346033

Autumn flair blythe doll dress set                    ebay number 263349340287
Bourbon Rose petals blythe doll dress set      ebay number 263349336578

You can find them using the ebay number of the sets.

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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Would you like a cup of tea? :)

I recently had the opportunity to visit an amateur market. 

It's a hobby I love for years and that I find relaxing, funny and sometimes extremely interesting for the different types of objects you can usually find. Far away from the historiographic sophistication of auction houses, you can spend pleasant hours admiring unusual objects .
These items tell us about a past time, made of life, affections, human warmth and memories often mingled over time by acquiring every single discovery a character of the novelty

And in this serene walk in the fall sun I was fascinated by the unexpected vision of a small treasures exposed; a set of porcelain cups, some singles, with or without saucer, others in pairs, or in small groups.All these cups looked on the passersby with polite elegance.The absolute perfection of each single cup made each of them absolutely precious as the unique pieces of a collection without priority. The eyes were cheerful and happy from one cup to the other, from one particular to the other, from a flower painted to a shade of color, in the search for the secret of such beauty. 
The delicate precision of the decorations gave each cup a distinction of individual grace equal to each single pearl projecting the light  that invests the atmosphere around it. 

The color sparkle , now tenuous, now decisive, in an unusual nuances of shades, shapes and styles made the encounter a source of inexhaustible inspiration for the blythe clothes I brought with me at home and in my wandering on the internet in search of the same magic I had experienced.  

What a surprise! 

 Such delicate shapes and colors were able to pass the screen in the photos I found in harmony with the illustrations of old fairy tales.The sense of preciousness measured, the meticulous sophistication of decorations, the harmony or the delightful contrast of color matching in a game of mutually underlining have made the vision almost magical, hypnotic, fascinating, enchanting in the whisper of beauty that  the original seen composition of single cups had .

So , the choice of natural silk as main material, with its softness and at the same time living iridescent colours played key role in the making of every single dress with its riny details..
My ideal girl who wears these ensambles is a dreamy creature living ina  world of fantasy  where everything is painted with particoular nuances  of derams, flowers and fragrances.

Every set (dress , petticoat, hairpin and tights)has been made with a lot of attention and care , choosing the best materials and harmonius colours  to get that magic sensation  according with the original idea of Victorian fairytale fashion.

Every set includes:

I used for these dresses dupioni silk fabric in two different colours , white cotton bariste and ,as decoration, two different antique cotton French laces stained with tea to give them an ancient and vintage look,100% black silk ribbon and Venetian glass beads .
Close at the back with tiny metal snaps.

 the wide cream color petticoat was made with tulle and decorated  with stained with tea English lace  to give the dress the right fullness.

I used a knitted cream fabric to get a Bonne fille look.

Hair pin:
As a crown for a princess , the hairpin repeats the central elements of the dress  in a tiny perfection of silk, laces and lines.

It was an exciting challenge to recreate the delicacy of porcelain, the latent transparency, the lightness of the decorations in a dream of timeless beauty
the inebriating and subtle scents of the tea that wrap these creations.

Lavender Memories 

Wedgwood Chocolate

Autumn Flair

Bourbon Rose petals

On sale on 

Sunday, 31 January 2016

La petite Princesse set listing on Ebay

I have just planned the listing of the set 'La petite Princesse ' on Ebay .

The listing will start at 6 :00 Rome time  in the morning on 1th Feb 2016   -  24:00  at night  New York time  on  31 th Jan 2016  so that Europe and Usa can bid  quite easily .

The listing name is  :

 La petite Princesse set for Blythe and Licca doll    

and the listing number is  :  262269866597 

 on the Ebay account     :     blythevogue .

You can find the listing inserting just the listing number from the ebay site of your country :). 

I am at you disposal for any information .

Have a good bidding time and Thank you for your kindness and ....  good luck to the winner

Friday, 29 January 2016

La petite Princesse

When I started my historical research to make the first Victorian dress I was fascinated by the elegant luxury of details, ideas,possibilities that fashion of this period  showed.

Not only the richness of the fabrics but also the tailoring geometry, embroidery, construction details were so interesting that could not be summed up in only one dress.

This is the reason why  from time to time  I have had ideas of other tailoring possibilities , other decorative patterns  to express the refinement of the elements of this period.

Quite naturally then I wanted to give life to these chances once again in a new ensemble.

Renoir was the main inspiration for this dress more than any other painter of the Victorian era.

This wonderful painter loved the color light blue  as shown in his paintings and like in the The Blue Boy  by Thomas Gainsborough, he knew how to express on canvas the joyful lightness, purity and vibrant life of this color for  several portraits of young girls.

 The new creation shows a lower skirt  kilted  all around: the discreet richness of classical vertical pleats  skirt , typical of the victorian girls skirts ,with a symmetrical central  detail complements the horizontality of the overlying draping in blush color, placed in a context of lightness given by  the use of silk as  material  of  the dress .

The front and back drapings are closely gathered to the bodice with the lower ends looped up . Valenciennes cotton lace , stained with tea , gives a symmetrical front decoration at the top of the dress : the victorian silhouette lives in the delineation  of the princess-cut base.The long bodice fits  smoothly to the hips with curved seaming . A blue silk bow  at  neck emphasizes the delicacy of the ensemble.

The Valenciennes cotton  lace collar , always stained with tea , shaped as an opening flower  gives the grace and elegance of a dancer moving in space

The sleeves, gently flared at the bottom, echo the same decoration of the central part of the dress with vertical pleats and  horizontal ribbon with Valenciennes lace details on the edges of the cuff.

The dress is fully lined with silky white lining.

Two side bows of pure silk give movement to the composition of the  skirt and draping  effect.

On the back of the dress a bow emphasizes the wave  line of the draping

 The pure silk cape   takes over the definition of the decorative elements giving lightness with a flower design in

cuts underlined by pure silk  tassels (2 on the front , 3 on the back ) in a soft cream  color and double-stitched cream  rows that emphasize the subtle elegance in the  wedgwood shades.

A hairpin made of the same silk of the dress in a very  elaborate composition of multiple bows to emulate a blooming flower, is  part of the hairstyle characteristic of the time. I freely took insipration from the b hairstyle in the next  image

The crocheted  purse of pure cotton  rose-shaped, closed with ribbons of pure silk arranged in a game of double flamboyant bows , adds a touch of elegant refinement.

La Petite Princesse ensemble  (dress, cape , hairpin and bag ) will be listed on Ebay on 31th January 2016.

I hope you will like it , thank you

Monday, 10 March 2014

"Once upon a time..."

Once upon a time....

The first time I have seen this painting by Renoir my attention was attracted by the quiet and light sense of elegance that you can feel in the deep  contemplation of the little ladies in this scene . Renoir is so sublime in his soft touches that you can listen to the delicate notes of the music  while the delicate fingers are dancing on the ebony keys.

Jacob Maris , a wonderful Dutch painter is so able to capture an intimate and at the same time delicate portrait of a little girl playing piano in a timeless melody.

Time loses its pointers,the light of the lukewarm spring time afternoon surrounds you,their emotions are your emotions,their elegance becomes your elegance . They are here, with you and wrap you up in the atmosphere of that moment .You are living their dreaming reality, in an eternal spring time .That's all your present.

A full immersion in the study of fashion history is always a pleasure , looking for the key points , the basic elements to identify a period dress line from different painters and portraits. The loving study gives the couturier the opportunity to compare human sensibilities among the different artists of the same period and through the centuries  to enrich the final results following a fine, invisible and palpitating file rouge in the creation of the ensemble.

For example,note the rich dresses of these ladies and their interesting sleeve cuffs
Following the style of the dresses of the  ladies in the paintings you can pleasantly fix the pleats of this pink dress with a refined and  tactful gesture of your hand among the rustling silk
With this inspiration , I have sewn  for you this silk set listed on ebay

The final result is a completely original set of garments .Originality is the key point  of my collections.  I always want to explore new chances of expression of creativity to open new perspectives and new points of views in Blythe fashion

The dress has a high cream cotton lace collar with a tiny pink  bow  and follows a princess cut with a resulting low waistline to recreate the peculiar figure  of the 1870 fashion . An linear  game of  pleats and lace  embellishes the front panel of the dress and a vertical row of antique gold colored Venetian glass beads gives the illusion of an elongated and thinned waistline that in the late XIX century was reached with the use of the whale bones of the corset . The lower part of the skirt shows a controlled pleats hem with more freedom at the back of the dress to give a sense of vitality and movement , emphasized with a fine high cream cotton lace kept high at hip line by two silk beige bows. The sleeves have an interesting  lace and pleat cuff that repeats the decoration of the front of the dress.
The dress is fully lined  with white rayon: bust, skirt AND sleeves.

The silk hairpin  , in an intricate game of multiple bows , follows the bow on the back of the dress with a sense of unity and continuity of inspiration.

The cape has an interesting joke that remembers the typical shamrock of the spring grass in a warm shot silk fabric.
This rich and gorgeous color is the blend of two colors, a deep claret red and  ancient gold  resulting in a final burnt Siena -terracotta with golden and red burgundy reflexes . The cape has  side fronts sections with opening for arms. Four golden  shamrocks decorate the upper and the low edges of the cuts. The cut of the joke on the back of the cape repeats the same  line of the front enriched with three tiny tassels made in silk burgundy thread. A pink silk bow decorates the front .
The cape is fully lined using white rayon fabric.


A  real lady of leisure like  Blythe loves pretty bags so I have styled a  fine and coquettishly elegant  crocheted flower bag to have  a stroll in the Spring time air with an Irish rose element in cream cotton thread. A double pink silk ribbon closes the bag and completes the set.

For this period  dress, cape, hairpin and bag I have used  luxurious and natural  materials  : 100 % silk  fabric, 100% cotton lace and threads, 100% silk ribbons.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

A NEW creation is coming soon :)

........A new dream is coming , it crossed the oceans of Time ......

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Autumn collection on Etsy

The Autumn collection 1 ,2 and 3 is in my Etsy shop


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