Thursday, 4 November 2010

Autumn collection 2; Ullallà


This dress takes life from a playful idea;a jesting , easygoing Blythe girl ready to jump out of a 1930' movie to incarnate a modern version of Darla, the little female heroine of Little rascals series with all her grace and witty sense.

In my opinion, a 1930 little girl and Saffy Blythe have a lot in common and I have tried to emphasize these elements by a dress that ,in its pattern, uses the lateral cuts to keep intact the central and symmetric continuity for an increased lateral volume control for a rounded shape.
The lines of this pattern are carefully studied to avoid repeating the 'usual' girl dress with an orizontal cut all over the waistline like in the usual 1950's dresses.

The cheeky flair comes out the use of a blue and white polka dots 100% cotton fabric; even is the blue colour may seem quite solid the white and red elements as ribbons on the sleeves , rounded neck and skirt hem give movement to the dress.

The ribbon for the hair, repeating the central elements of the dress, gives a sense to the symmetric pattern of the fabric always carefully followed.

The dress is fully lined by white silky lining ; skirt,bust and sleeves.
The little Bunny toy is the natural party to the pranks and so has a similar dress and ribbons hairdo.

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