Sunday, 27 June 2010

oopps....and the final result is

Here we are :)!!!!!!!

At last I am back home with my favourite hobby, sewing for Blythe girls :)

I have always liked the dress of the Camelot Era that Jackie Kennedy wore during her visit in India

So I tried to repeat this golden apricot dream for Blythe Girls.

My purpose was to give a personal flavour keeping the same sense of elegance and neatness of the lines.

I really liked the skirt and the "game" of the pleats on it ;for the bodice I wanted to repeat the same "game" and I have followed the inspiration of the image of a water lily flower.

So, the construction of the bodice was a choice between cuts on the pattern or pleats to recreate the shape of the flower.I have preferred the pleats because they give the softer lightness of the petals and a good amount of simmetric movement .

The back of the bodice follows the petal shape .
The use of the pure silk gives emphasis to this dress.The choice of the colors wants to express the same sweetness of the dress using pastel tones like light pink and a soft golden yellow.

The dress is fully lined with white silky lining.

The outfit is completed by a ribbon headpin following the inspiration of a 1962 hairdo and a similar ribbon at the centre of the waist like in the original Jackie dress.