Thursday, 4 November 2010

Autumn collection 3; Victorian garden

Victorian garden

Back to the art history, I followed the Degas girl carrying flowers picture for this dress.

I have always loved the delicacy and romantic freshness of the typical victorian garden.
The classic cut is softened by the use of the byssus of linen,100% cotton laces,100% silk double ribbons on the puff sleeves,the double ruffle on the neck,the central element of the skirt with two horizontal plane pleats as frame of the lace.

Usually, in these sewing situations the so called 'over' mistake is always behind the corner; I mean the 'over' use and abuse of ruffles, laces,ribbons,pleats ect but I think in this dress there is a sense of quiet equilibrium and serene harmony rather than the excess of the 'wedding cake' effect.
The colours for the dress fly from the natural shades of cream white to ecru,from off white to a delicate antique pink mixing up harmoniously keeping each one its identity.

The silk belt ends on the back of the dress in a ribbon knot and the little roses crown on the same silk allows this dress to come aut from a fairy book and the Degas picture to be the protagonist of your fairy tale.

The underskirt is more than a simple lining;100% cotton made,it repeats the horizontal elements as pin tucks at intervals between the cotton lace to recreate an ideal effect of fullness and wideness like the victorian crinolines.

The dress is fully lined with white lining: bust , skirt and sleeves so that, where possible , the lining elements are part of enrichment (double sleeves effect and double skirt) and final touches.

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